What is Simili leather? Where do you buy it? Is it durable?

What is Simili leather? Where do you buy it? Is it durable?

Simili leather is applied to many different industries, but not everyone understands the nature of this type of leather. Join Laforce to learn more about simili leather as well as how to distinguish it from other skin types right in this article.

What is I-Da Simili?

Da Simili is also known as faux leather or pleather. This is a general term for imitation leather that is intended to replace 100% genuine leather.

Simili leather is made up of polyester and PVC woven linings.

Then create a pattern to resemble real leather and then dye 1 or 2 layers of plastic in various colors.

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1. Simili leather material classification

There are two basic types of Simili leather on the market, cheap and high-end. In there:

+ High quality Simili leather

This is PU leather covered with a layer of Polyurethane resin and then tanned to make the leather more glossy and durable.

The above method has helped make this type of leather different, with better durability and aesthetics than the cheap Simili type.

The characteristics of this type of leather are softness, no plastic smell and easy cleaning and sanitizing. As a result, it is widely used in the fashion industry.

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+ Cheap synthetic Simili leather

Cheap Simili leather is characterized by a strong plastic smell and a higher luster. Besides, the lifespan of this type of leather is also short, easily affected by external environmental factors.

With its low price, this type of leather is often used for product lines that do not require high quality and durability.

2. How to distinguish it from real leather

To distinguish real leather and Simili is not too complicated, you can follow some suggestions below:

distinguish skin simili

+ Real leather has good elasticity, pressing the skin with your hands will quickly return to its original shape. As for Simili, the skin will be deeply concave or broken.

+ Real leather when burned will burn and burn like the smell of burnt barbecue, while Simili is easier to catch on fire, burning with a burning smell like a plastic bag.

+ Real leather has the characteristic smell of animals or the fishy smell of mud. Simili has a smell of plastic, nylon.

+ Color: Imitation leather often has a variety of colors, better gloss, and real leather has less color and is often darker (looks like old stuff).

+ Real leather has uneven texture, there may be scars, while Simili imitation leather has a uniform textured surface.

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II – Simili skin application

With low price, variety of colors, Simili imitation leather line is applied in many different industries such as:

1. Fashion industry

Synthetic Simili leather is used a lot in the fashion industry, in which, for example, making handbags, wallets, belts or leather notebooks….

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What is simili skin?

Thereby creating a variety of colors with low prices.

2. Automotive industry

Simili leather is very popularly applied in the car industry, namely seat covers, steering wheel, tablo, car floor or ceiling covering, etc. Thereby helping cars to add value as well as beauty.

simili skin application

3. Furniture industry

In addition to car interiors, Simili is also commonly used to cover sofas and other items that can be covered with leather thanks to its shine, good absorbency and easy cleaning.

III – Questions related to Simili leather fabric

Besides the above information, there are still many questions surrounding the Simili imitation leather line. Here is a detailed answer that readers can refer to:

1. Is Simili leather durable?

Compared to 100% genuine leather, Simili leather has less durability, especially with cheap simili lines, which are easily affected by weather factors, rain and humidity.

simili leather material

Accordingly, if comparing between real leather and Simili, it is clear that Simili will not be as durable.

2. Is simili skin good?

Based on the advantages and disadvantages of Simili imitation leather, you can make the most objective assessment of whether this type of leather is good or not:


+ Wide range of colors, applicable in many industries

+ Good water resistance, easy to clean

+ Much cheaper price than real leather

+ Contribute to the process of animal protection, reduce hunting of animals for skin

+ Easy to find and buy.

imitation leather simili


+ Poor durability and longevity

+ Unpleasant smell

+ The skin is easy to break and explode when subjected to a great impact

The manufacturing process can be harmful to the environment.

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3. Where to buy simili leather?

There are many addresses that provide cheap Simili leather lines, so it is not difficult to find this type of leather.

You can go to leather factories or go to establishments and addresses that sell leather or make leather goods to find and buy this type of leather.

Is simili imitation leather durable?

In addition, readers can now easily find and buy this skin type on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada or Tiki, etc.

Above is all information about Simili skin as well as how to distinguish this skin type from normal skin. Hopefully through the article has helped you have an objective view and choose the right product.

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