What is Healthy? A guide to healthy eating for beginners

What is Healthy? A guide to healthy eating for beginners – Perhaps you have heard the word “healthy” through familiar sayings and phrases such as “is it so hard to eat healthy these days”, “is it hard to eat healthy?”, “I eat healthy like that but haven’t lost any weight yet.” “…

So specifically What is healthy? Should we apply healthy measures in life? How is a healthy diet done? BINA Story will work with you to find answers to the above concerns.

Healthy is a healthy diet that is applicable to everyone. According to experts, a healthy diet is a diet characterized by the composition of healthy foods with the presence of foods that are good for the body to both lose weight and stimulate growth. cell development.

This is a diet that helps maintain or improve general health, has the effect of limiting disease, increasing the body’s resistance. It is characterized by essential nutrients such as fluids, nutrients, micronutrients and adequate calories.

A healthy diet is good for your health
A healthy diet is good for your health

Besides, what is healthy is also more broadly understood as having a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising every day along with healthy eating, proper rest and always creating relaxation for the mind. Avoid stress, depression, anxiety.

Broadly speaking, healthy is a life habit, lifestyle, and healthy practice in order to create a beneficial lifestyle for oneself in order to minimize the use of harmful and useless substances for health. health causes diseases. You should adopt a healthy diet from now on to have a more active lifestyle.

2. Basic principles of a healthy diet

In the above part, you have understood what healthy is, in this part you need to understand the principles of healthy eating to make healthy food choices every day.

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2.1. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits

Green vegetables and fruits are a group of foods rich in fiber and essential vitamins for the body, both stimulating good digestion, increasing the body’s resistance, and helping you to prevent diseases.

Eating clean is how it is to use fruits and vegetables every day. You should maintain to eat green vegetables and fruits regularly, which should be included in each of your meals to ensure balance for your body.

You should eat more vegetables and fruits
You should eat more vegetables and fruits

2.2. Limit processed foods

Processed food is usually fast food, canned food, preserved food… so it’s really not good for health. They are preserved by substances that prolong their shelf life, so they cannot be compared to fresh and processed foods.

You should limit the use of this food and instead eat fresh, processed and instant foods to ensure health.

2.3. Abstain from sugar and sweets

Sugar is a food that easily causes obesity and overweight. Sugar has a sweet taste and provides a lot of energy to the body. Eating a lot of sugar can easily lead to metabolic disorders, increase blood sugar, cause diabetes, and obesity.

For middle-aged and elderly people, sugar should not be used because it will affect existing diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Avoid eating foods high in sugar in a healthy diet
Avoid eating foods high in sugar in a healthy diet

2.4. Stay away from alcohol, beer, tobacco

Alcohol, beer, and tobacco are products that, if used in excess, have serious effects on health. Alcohol and beer affect the heart, liver, nervous system.

Smoking harms the respiratory system causing lung cancer. It is better to abstain and not use the above-mentioned harmful substances to avoid diseases.

2.5. Eat slowly, on time

The ancients advised that, “eat slowly and be full for a long time” is completely grounded. Health experts say, eating slowly, chewing thoroughly so that the food is crushed and when it enters the stomach, it is better digested. Chewing quickly will easily cause you to have stomach pain and indigestion.

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In addition, you should eat and drink at a fixed time because the body has its own biological clock. Do not eat overtime because then the stomach will secrete digestive juices and if there is no food, you will have stomach pain when it continues.

Should eat on time and have enough meals
Should eat on time and have enough meals

3. Suggest a healthy menu according to a 7 day weight loss diet

You can refer to the diet menu recommended by nutritionists to be applied in a healthy diet to have good health, avoid diseases and strengthen the body’s resistance.

Day 12 slices of rye bread – ΒΌ cup of blueberriesToast with mashed chickpeasVegetable salad with sesame sauce
Day 22 omelets – Mixed salad– Brown rice – Grilled chicken breast – Boiled vegetablesGrilled Chicken Breast – Mixed Salad
Day 3Cereal – 1 banana – cup fresh milk without sugarMixed noodles with seafood – SaladBrown rice – Fish – Vegetables – 1 orange
4thOatmeal porridge 1 cup mango smoothieCucumber Carrot Brown rice seaweed rollMixed Salad with Pan-fried Salmon 1 banana
Day 5Black Bread Salad OmeletBoiled meat with raw vegetablesBrown rice Green vegetables Boiled meat
6th1 bowl of rib porridge 1 boiled eggBrown rice Steamed chicken breast Boiled vegetablesGreen bean porridge 1 batch of low/sugar milk
7th1 omelet 1 bowl of rice noodles 1 appleCrab noodle soup with 1 jar of yogurt1 bowl of brown rice 1 mango 1 jar of yogurt

Depending on your best friend’s living conditions, you can be flexible with the dishes as long as they are nutritionally equivalent to the foods in the healthy menu suggested above. After 7 days you can build yourself a menu content with other healthy dishes that are good for the body to reduce boredom.

4. Health benefits of a healthy diet

The health benefits of a healthy diet have been proven and proven by research. You should apply it every day to keep your body healthy.

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Strengthening the activity of the heart, promoting the circulatory system: Improving heart health, limiting cholesterol is a way to promote better blood circulation.

Lose weight, lose fat, help your body become slimmer: Because the absorption of bad fat is reduced sharply, you do not worry about gaining weight or storing excess fat when eating clean every day.

Increase resistance, reduce the possibility of cancer: The dishes in the eat clean diet help improve immunity, produce antibodies to prevent disease, fight free radicals and prevent cancer.

Seasonal illness reduction: Illnesses like flu that often occur when you have a cold are due to the body’s weak resistance. A healthy diet and regular exercise help you better prevent seasonal illness.

Prevention of high blood pressure, kidney failure: Because most of the food is fresh, green, clean, sugar-reducing, sweet, it helps reduce the load on the heart and kidneys and will avoid diseases related to this part.
Enhancing the activity of the central nervous system: Nerve cells are nourished by the energy that the ingredients of eat clean dishes bring, the nervous system works more efficiently.

Sleep well, reduce stress: When you eat well with healthy nutrients, it will help you go to sleep better, reduce psychological problems such as stress and anxiety.

Provide energy for the body: You will have a full day of energy working and studying with eat clean dishes and also ensure health, not afraid of gaining weight.


Thus, through this article, you will better understand what healthy is, and how to eat and drink to have a healthy, healthy diet. The process of eating, exercising, and doing healthy activities requires effort, perseverance, and not giving up in order to succeed. Hope this article will give you the information you need to build yourself a positive lifestyle every day. Wishing you a happy and healthy life!

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