UNDRCRWN adidas Gil Zero Restomod GY0361

UNDRCRWN adidas Gil Zero Restomod GY0361

Gil Zero Restomod GY0361 – After retirement, Gilbert Arenas has risen to be one of the most poignant basketball analysts in sports media and social media, but also among the most controversial. He can be incredibly on-point with his in-game and post-game breakdowns, which isn’t much of a surprise considering he was at one point the best scorer in the league. He’s also shown zero filter in his statements as well, allowing Agent Zero to become one of the more prominent former NBA stars post-playing days.

This January 14th, adidas will officially bring back his signature shoe – the low-top Gil Zero. One of the pioneers of the low-top basketball shoe era, Gilbert Arenas and adidas first dropped this shoe back in 2007 and was one of five adidas signature shoes to be part of the super-limited 90’s inspired “Remix Collection” designed by streetwear brand UNDRCRWN. In 2010, adidas terminated its contract with Arenas after the athlete pled guilty to a felony gun charge, but it appears that the partnership is back.

A mere 750 pairs of the Gil Zero were released, so a second chance at owning these might be less of a task. Afterwards, adidas is expected to drop a series of Gil Zeros in its updated Restomod form, which updates the shoe with modern materials while keeping the OG design intact. These are currently expected to drop on January 14th for $150, so stay tuned for updates.

North AmericaJan 14th, 2022 (Friday)

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