7 ways to coordinate with the most elegant fashion men’s loafers

7 ways to coordinate with the most elegant fashion men’s loafers

Almost everyone owns at least one pair of lazy shoes, but not everyone can do it well to combine harmoniously and balance with the outfit. However, only with the ways to coordinate with men’s loafers shared right below, gentlemen will become extremely fashionable and elegant.

I – Note when coordinating with men’s loafers elegant fashion

Slip-on shoes with a comfortable design but at the same time very sophisticated and polite.

Therefore, men absolutely use it to go out, go to work or go to important appointments. When coordinating with men’s loafers, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

1. Selection of shoe material

Materials both determine the aesthetics and affect the comfort when wearing shoes.

Accordingly, you need to choose loafers with suitable materials to protect your feet, avoid scratches or heel pain when using.

coordinate with men's leather loafers

Currently on the market, the most popular slip-on materials are leather and fabric.

These materials are all appreciated for their softness and good elasticity to help the feet feel comfortable.

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2. Length of the pants

Unlike normal western shoes, when wearing men’s loafers, it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the pants to be both stylish and show off the shoes.

Men's loafers

Give preference to pants with an ankle length. Do not choose pants with a hem that is too long, it will make lazy shoes become less luxurious.

3. Sneaker color and size

Lazy shoes also have a variety of colors, but you need to consider choosing the right color for the overall outfit.

Do not combine more than 4 colors on an outfit because this will make people look confused and the style will also become sloppy.

Instead, choose loafers with colors such as: Black, brown, dark brown, etc. These are all popular colors, easy to coordinate and chosen by many men.

In addition, choosing shoes with the right size is also an important factor.

A shoe that fits the foot will create balance, as well as ensure the most comfortable factor when using it.

II – Suggestions to coordinate with men’s loafers

If you are wondering how to coordinate with men’s loafers properly, some suggestions below will certainly not disappoint readers.

1. Coordinate with men’s canvas loafers

Men’s canvas shoes with soft advantages and low price should be chosen by many men.

However, unlike leather shoes, canvas shoes will be limited to different types of clothing.

clothes with canvas shoes

In particular, the most popular way is to combine men’s canvas loafers with jogger pants and men’s T-shirts in a sporty and personality style.

Besides, in some cases can combine canvas shoes with shorts and polo shirt.

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2. Coordinate with men’s leather loafers in a romantic style

With just a little ingenuity with leather loafers, men can completely create a romantic style like Korean boys.

In particular, a T-shirt, shirt or cardigan combined with khaki pants and a pair of men’s leather loafers will help you become more attractive to women.

coordinate with leather loafers

Besides, a pair of casual pants combined with a leather belt, worn with a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of brown loafers will definitely help increase the style for men.

This combination can be suitable for going out, walking around or going to work.

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3. Coordinate with leather loafers in a healthy style

Men’s leather loafers are not only luxurious but also have a dynamic, youthful and healthy design.

Therefore, when combined with jeans, bright khakis and T-shirts or shirts, they can create a very personal and elegant style.

coordinate with men's loafers

In the summer, guys can combine a dark t-shirt with light khaki pants and a pair of black slip on men’s leather shoes to create an extremely cool style.

4. Dress up with leather loafers in a luxurious style

Men’s leather loafers are extremely suitable for office people, both polite, luxurious and extremely comfortable.

A little clever combination also helps men become attractive, affirming their own position.

coordinate with loafers

You can combine a pair of loafers with a suit and casual pants to create a luxurious style.

Choose a light-colored suit with a white shirt and black or dark blue straight-leg trousers.

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III – The most popular beautiful men’s loafers at Laforce

Currently on the market there are many models of men’s loafers with a variety of designs, colors, and styles.

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However, below are some models of lazy shoes that are very popular at Laforce that you can refer to.

1. Penny Loafer Men’s Leather Slippers GNLA1199-EYE

Penny Loafer Men’s Slippers GNLA1199-D Designed with sturdy soles with effective anti-slip properties.

The Penny Loafer design with a leather belt across the body of the shoe is extremely different.

How to coordinate with loafers

You can combine this shoe with casual pants, khaki pants or other polite outfits.

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2. Men’s leather shoes with elastic on both sides GNLA79201-80-D

Men’s leather shoes with elastic GNLA79201-80-D create accents with embossed contour lines only at the front of the shoe.

In particular, this shoe model also makes a difference with the men’s loafers with slits on the sides.

coordinate with beautiful men's leather loafers

3. Men’s Loafers with perforated patterns GNLA1915-D

Men’s loafers with perforated motifs GNLA1915-D Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, the sole is sturdy and effectively anti-slip.

Dynamic design, cool perforated pattern creates a comfortable feeling for users.

coordinate with beautiful men's loafers

Products with elegant colors, harmony with modern design are very suitable for elegant gentlemen. Thanks to that, it suits many different styles, especially when combined with polite outfits.

Above are some suggestions on how to coordinate with men’s loafers as well as the models of lazy shoes that are currently popular with many gentlemen. If you need more support or advice about lazy shoes, please contact Laforce immediately.

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