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@Impulse MACD:  27 Mar 2023, 07:24

I believe you have a bug in your code on this line:


var histogram = typicalPrice.Result[index] > mid ? typicalPrice.Result[index] > high ? WeakUpTrend : StrongUpTrend : typicalPrice.Result[index] < low ? StrongDownTrend : WeakDownTrend;


It should be:


var histogram = typicalPrice.Result[index] > mid ? typicalPrice.Result[index] > high ? StrongUpTrend : WeakUpTrend : typicalPrice.Result[index] < low ? StrongDownTrend : WeakDownTrend;


 because if the typical price is greater than the high, that's "strong", not "weak" just like when the typical price less than the low that's "strong" too. :-)


@Half Trend:  18 Mar 2023, 16:38

Changing the "MA Smooth Type" parameter makes no difference on the output. Are you sure it's coded correctly? Just call up any chart and change it from "Simple" to "weighted" to even "hull".

Nothing happens.

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@Calculating PIP value in comparison to Symbol.PipValue:  28 Mar 2023, 03:33

josef.van.niekerk said:

It seems what the documentation states about the value being calculated at bot startup still holds true, despite the version. I'm using 4.6.4. I did another check today using the BabyPips Pip Value Calculator

Doing the calculations for EURUSD at an asking price of 1.14155, the pip value I get is 8.760019 EUR.

Symbol.PipSize / Symbol.Ask * Symbol.LotSize = 8.7600192720423991

Still, cTrader (4.6.4) reports a Pip Value of 9.37980. I doubt that it is calculating this value on each tick/bar. Definitely seems to still be using the same value as when the Bot was started. I find it strange that it would do that in the first place, it's not a super expensive calculation to update.

BabyPips Pip Value Calculator

Just for kicks, have you tried getting the symbol.PipValue on each tick and each bar for comparison purposes and output to the log?

Eg, Symbol s = Symbol.PipValue



Why not put time parameters in your cbot as a work around so that it only places trades during the time of day you want?

@Bots in the Trade window - two ideas:  28 Mar 2023, 03:23

Work around for Idea #1 -- why not put the bot name and basic description in the "Label" when a position is open?




Also, "Be able to sort by the values in the trade window." -- sort by what values?

@Close position on bar close:  28 Mar 2023, 03:20

PanagiotisChar said:

Hi there,

At the moment there is no event raised at the moment a bar closes. A workaround would be to implement a Timer that is triggered on fixed intervals which coincide with a bar closing time.

Aieden Technologies

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Or if you're using a chart that doesn't involve time like Renko and Range bars where a timer isn't practical, you can see how well the Bar Open event works for you because obviously when a new bar opens, the previous bar is closed.

@How to Add "From" and "to" Dates:  27 Mar 2023, 16:25

You can try doing:

//Pseudo code

//Get the start index you want to search from
int startIndex = Bars.OpenTimes.GetIndexByTime( <enter your start date/time value here> );

//get the end index corresponding to the ending date/time you want
int endIndex = Bars.OpenTimes.GetIndexByTime( <enter your end date/time value here> );

//Now go through every bar
for (int x=startIndex; x <= endIndex; x++)
  // put your logic here that you want to do

@Impulse MACD:  27 Mar 2023, 06:55

jani said:

Anyone interested in cTrader version of Impuse MACD can contact me at Telegram: @Fibonacci2011 

Or they can just search the archive of indicators others have developed and download for free at their convenience:

@cTrader desktop does not calculate fractals correctly on Renko charts:  20 Mar 2023, 14:58

Hello @Spotware:

cTrader desktop (and mobile) do not calculate fractals correctly on Renko charts. See below example from GER40 Renko5:

Fractals are composed of five or more bars. The rules for identifying fractals are as follows:

  • bearish turning point occurs when there is a pattern with the highest high in the middle and two lower highs on each side.
  • bullish turning point occurs when there is a pattern with the lowest low in the middle and two higher lows on each side.

"Two lower highs" or "two higher highs" does not mean equal, as shown in the screen capture from the GER40 Renko5 chart.

In the above screen capture, all the fractals pointed to with red arrows are invalid according to the definition.

The only valid fractals are at the candles:

* second 19:48 UTC + 8

* 20:09 UTC + 8

* 20:16 UTC + 8

* 20:31 UTC + 8

Even the fractal at 20:37 isn't valid because it does not have 2 lower highs on either side. The second bar's high after the fractal is "equal to", not "less than".

A developer needs to change the code to be "<" instead of "<="; similarly, ">" instead of ">=".

Thank you.

@MarketSessions returning incorrect Sessions:  15 Mar 2023, 04:26

algo-trader said:

PanagiotisChar said:

Hi there,

Can you share the cBot code?

Aieden Technologies

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I've sorted the issue now but thank you for your response.

For future reference, are you able to post the solution on how you did it so if others have the same issue they know what to do?

@Debbuging - which algohost is right?:  15 Mar 2023, 04:10

Not sure why you're trying to attach to a process?

Here's how to debug:

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